Rules & Guidelines

Here you will find various rules, guidelines and commands that we use within United Nations on a daily basis. We strongly encourage members to read the following rules provided and to understand and follow them as they are important ways of keeping United Nations fair and free of disputes. If you choose to not following these rules, commands and guidelines it may result to consequences including warnings, point deductions, suspension or in serious cases removal from the UN.
→ You may use FTF to come in base even if you are SEC+ but please note that if you are purposely (or not) blocking potential members, you may be faced with consequences.
→ The higher rank you are, the higher percentage of the deduction or consequence is.

Benefits of being a part of our community:
1. We allow coloured chat, dancing and effects (not including invisible ghost effect)
2. We believe in voicing your own personal opinions in a non biased or discriminating manner.
3. Members have the freedom to choose what they wear on a daily basis (NO Uniforms)
4. We allow members to have the freedom to speak in other languages.
5. Members have the choice to work when they wish, you are not required to be online everyday, but please keep in mind that "if" you do not claim a single reward within a period of 14 days, your account does go automatically inactive.
6. Members will have the benefit to join a special unit when they reach High Management 40,000 rank points
7. Members will be able to collect pay whenever from an Owner when they reach a minimum of 10,000 pay points
8. We allow swearing "if" its in a non offensive, abusive or disrespectful manner.
9. We allow members during the weekend to wear UN Fan Badges. In order for a Fan badge to be used, it must include <UN> in its title and description. The Title and Description must be appropriate. These fan badges are applicable to be worn during Saturday and Sunday.
10. Members are eligible to earn Recognition Award badge at any rank if they are seen setting a good example within UN. If you have at least 100,000 Pay points and are part of this badge, you may claim pay up to 100c.

What we discourage members from doing:
1. We DO NOT allow double jobbing or double accounting (Working on multiple accounts)
2. We encourage members to be respectful to ALL ranks at all times including Special visitors and Recognized Partners who are also apart of our community.
3. We DO NOT promote or tolerate any violence or abusive language
4. We encourage members to be considerate of everyone’s diversity and differences including cultural backgrounds, religion and political beliefs, and sexuality. Despite your beliefs, we strive to be respectful and considerate of everyone’s preferences.
5. We discourage uncomfortable sexual conversations made within our community including in base and out of base discussions. These include social media and other platforms.
6. We do NOT encourage members poaching in other agencies.
7. We do NOT encourage members when in AFK Thrones to speak/wave/hold up signs as a form of communication while in the thrones.
8. We Do NOT encourage members to poach or advertise for UN in other agencies.
9. If Muted, do NOT fill a workstation. This results in difficulty of communication between you and whoever you’re assisting while at a workstation.

1. Fifteen Minute Rule
The "15 minute rule" is to ensure all members are being promoted and paid fairly based on their activity and not abuse the timezones where UN is at its least peek, this rule was also invented to prevent "arrow hunting" or encourage members to fight over seats. This rule means members will only be able to collect one reward every 15 minute or every third seat after your last reward. This does not include members who have just recently come online from AFK and members who have not claimed a reward yet. It only applies to members who have been active in our community and have been frequently collecting arrows. Members caught breaking this rule and continue to do so will be deducted for dishonest behaviour. 

2. Two Minute Rule
The 2 minute rule was created to prevent members from claiming rewards that they do not deserve or worked for. This rule means "if '' the timer is under 02:00 no one will be able to claim the seat with the reward, unless you're the original owner of the seat and either misclick, or disconnected from Habbo while the timer was at 02:00 or under. The seat is no longer yours "if" you intentionally leave the seat, or caught idling and kicked from the station. If the timer is under 02:00 and you notice another member needing assistance at the front desks or security, you will be able to quickly help and reclaim your seat but we do encourage you to wait until after you have claimed your reward to help stations such as training or transfer, or ask someone else to help out as these stations may take a little longer. Purposely moving on and off the seat or moving around (such as getting up to dance, moving to pass an item along or dancing in front of your seat) is not considered as a miclick, therefore you will not be able to reclaim that seat as your own if the timer is under 02:00.

3. Seat Saving
Members who choose to leave their seat intentionally or to fill another work station WILL NOT be able to claim the seat back 'if" another member is already seated, unless the member agrees to give you back the seat, the seat is no longer yours. We strongly encourage members to NOT beg or harrass members for the seat back. Members WILL NOT be able to save seats or ask someone else to save their seat if they need to leave for any reason as it is seen as dishonest and selfish behaviour within our community. Basically, this rule applies to all stations besides the seat with the arrow when under 02:00 minutes. If you disconnect, get kicked or leave intentionally the seat is no longer yours and anyone else is able to claim it.

4. Multiple Accounts & Double Jobbing
Please note that anyone caught working with more than one account and taking advantage of our system within United Nations, will be dealt with severely.
Members caught using multiple accounts within our community will be deducted a percentage of their rank points for first offenders. Members who are caught multiple times will be at risk of being suspended or removed from our community. We have a sophisticated website capable of checking whether people have multiple accounts, if you are breaking this rule, you will be caught.

Working in multiple agencies on other accounts or on the same account is classified as double jobbing, members who are caught double jobbing on multiple accounts will be spoken directly by a member of the Foundation team. For first time offenders you will be given the choice of deciding which Agency you would like to continue at with a minor deduction.  Members who are caught double jobbing also may face a deduction of at least 2 divisions if the Foundation Team deem it necessary (depending on how high rank you are.) Members who choose to continue or caught double jobbing on multiple occasions will be at risk of being removed from our agency or placed on our DO NOT HIRE list.

5. Counting Down
When counting down, please know that you are allowed to count down any rank above and below you. If the rank is above you, please refrain from being haughty about it. You may ATT once they are unresponsive or idle at a workstation. When you’ve counted them down, please be sure to screenshot it and post in the #UN-support channel on discord. Be sure to include their rank, username and time/date when the screenshot was taken. 

6. Eviction Logs
Members who have been either banned, suspended or removed from our community or been placed on our DO NOT HIRE list will be recorded on our eviction logs under "forums". Leadership members and above will have the ability to view this forum thread to be aware and notified.


7. Away From Keyboard (AFK)
We DO NOT encourage members to be AFK (Away from keyboard) or idle while filling work stations. We expect your full attention while filling work stations, members who are caught idling while filling a work station or not paying attention will be given a 5 second countdown to respond before being kicked from the work station. Members who are caught constantly idling/AFK 3 times within a period of 180 minute (3 hour) will either be deducted 3,000 - 10,000 rank points (and the deduction goes up an extra 1,000 rank points) if they are Security and above or 5% rank points if they're above 150,000 rank points. However if they continue to idle even after the deduction, they'll be deducted a higher percentage of rank points and everytime it goes up in multiples of 5%. All evidence of the member idling atleast three times must be provided under the "Moderation reports" under forums. Your evidence must show the current time and date and a count down from any UN members of 5 seconds for this to be implemented.
We DO NOT deduct Agents.


8. AFK Thrones (Away From Keyboard)
We encourage members to be online while being AFK to help our base population. While in AFK Thrones, we DO NOT encourage members to communicate or show signs of activity when in AFK Thrones. The main purpose is to illustrate that you are “Away From Keyboard”. Members who are seen whispering, waving, show any hand held signs etc, are at risk of being kicked from the seat. Members will not be allowed to promote or complete special units tasks such as host live shows on Radio or holds events in base while sitting in AFK Thrones. “If” you’re currently seated in AFK Thrones, you will not be allowed to enter UN on an alternative or secondary account in order to communicate. You will be reminded twice and possible removed from thrones on your main account if this is seen.
These guidelines prevent the AFK Thrones from being abused.

9. Arrow Hunting & Seat Stealing
There are several types of Arrow Hunting, this can be defined as, following the arrow around from seat to seat in order to cheat the system and gain points faster by breaking the 15 minute rule or 2 minute rule, also ignoring work stations and new members who need assistance and not going back to your Trainee or Transfer after you've collected a reward. We see all forms of Arrow Hunting to be dishonest and unfair and as a result of doing this you may lose the reward. Members caught arrow hunting and choosing to not continue training or transferring after they've collected their reward will be automatically deducted 250 rank points and pay points or may face harsher punishment if decided by the Foundation Team.

Seat stealing is dishonest behaviour within our community which will not be tolerated or accepted. When a member who is currently filling a work station "misclicks" accidently and someone takes the seat straight away, it is classified as seat stealing. However if someone disconnects from Habbo, idles out, or leaves their seat intentionally for a period of time then the seat is no longer "theirs". Anyone caught seat stealing and claiming the reward will be deducted 250 rank points and pay points as we believe this is very dishonest behaviour.

10. Transfer Limits
We strongly advise members to check the website first under "inactive accounts", "search userlist (active) and the "DO NOT HIRE list" before offering the member a rank within UN.  The maximum amount of rank points a standard member can offer is up to 100,000 rank points. "If" you believe the transfer deserves a higher position please speak to a member within the Foundation team (OOA/OWN) as they have the ability to offer higher. This is to keep our agency fair and make sure that people who have worked hard for their ranks arent passed by people who are new to the agency. Please keep in mind that we DO NOT transfer members who DO NOT have Agency badges unless discussed with an Owner within UN, the minimum rank we transfer at is the second division which is Security 5,000 rp. We allow transfers from agencies that have closed down or newly represented, "if" you need some assistance on reading different agency rank lists don't be afraid to ask a member within the Foundation team.

11. Special Visitors
The Special Visitors (SV) badge and its privileges can only be used and worn inside base by non-UN members (Members who don't possess any official UN badges and do not have an active UN account). All UN members have the ability to purchase the SV badge for any reason but will not be able to wear it inside base while being "an active UN member" and will be expected to wear the correct UN badge and have the appropriate motto. If however, a UN member chooses to be a Special Visitor, they will need to leave their UN badges and their UN account on our website will be deactivated. This is to prevent users who have both SV and UN division badges from abusing their privileges by switching back and forth, and deciding when they are a special visitor and when they are working and collecting rewards as a UN member.
Following Habbo's update which allows users to change their username in game, we now require all Special Visitors / Recognised Partnership members to request a name change in #guest-support channel in our Discord server by typing /usernamechange and a member of the Ownership team will be able to change it within 48 hours. Your username may be rejected if it is found offensive or inappropriate. If you do not inform an Owner, you may risk losing your badge on Habbo and being removed from our Discord Server. We are unable to add the badge back to any account which the name has been changed and we have not made aware about.
SV members are allowed to enter base through FTF or the group gates but they are not allowed to sit at any workstation within base.
If we believe that you are blocking potential members from entering, or filling the workstations, you may be faced with consequences.
SV members who do not respect these wishes may face their SV badge removal without refund.

12. Claiming Pay
When claiming pay from UN you will receive it from a Ownership member who will have the OWN badge. Owners may choose to pay through many methods and will talk you through this at the time of claiming. If no OWN is active in base please head to the #UN-Support channel on discord and post a message such as “@Ownership I would like to claim 12c pay”. Please make sure you tag @Ownership and that you detail the amount of pay you wish to claim.

13. Our Discord Server
We have a discord server for UN which is our main method of communication. Members of UN which are Leadership and above are expected to be on the server as part of their role within our community however any rank, SV or Recognised Partnership member can join. If you wish to join our server please speak with a Moderation or above rank to be invited.

14. Server boosting on Discord
We have monthly discord boost subscription perks which are rewarded to everyone, including UN members & SV/Partnership.
For every first boost in the first month, boosters will receive 20 Habbo Credits + Discord emoji + brand new Discord Role + a star beside your Discord name.
For every second boost in the first month on the SAME timing, boosters will receive an additional 20 Habbo credits.
For every more boost in the first month on the SAME timing, boosters will receive an additional 20 Habbo Credits PER boost.
If members continuously boost in the upcoming months or boosts again in the near future, it will be 20 Habbo Credits + 10k RP or 200 OP PER boost.
For more information, check #rules-and-info in our Discord server.

15. Fan Badges
We allow UN members to wear UN Fan Badges on Saturday and Sundays rather than having to wear the badge of their division or special unit. To qualify as a UN fan badge it needs to include <UN> in front of the group name and the background should be the same as the standard UN badge ( ).   An example of a perfect UN fan badge is the <UN> Janitor badge ( ).

16. UN Disciplinary Procedure
At UN we believe in second chances and that people can learn from their mistakes. To show this our disciplinary procedure allows members to right their wrongs and learn from them. Our usual disciplinary procedure is:

→ Reminder
→ First Warning
→ Final Warning
→ Deduction
→ Suspension
→ Removal from UN

However, depending on the severity of the conflict the foundation team may deem it necessary to skip stages to ensure that UN remains a safe and friendly place for other members of our community.  Reminders and warnings may also be given by GOV and MOD members to ranks that are below them.

Deduction amounts depend on the severity of the conflict as well as a member's rank within our community.  If you are a higher rank you may risk a higher deduction for bad behaviour.

Note that you may also face consequences even if you have misbehaved in different situations that aren’t really related to each other.  

17. Blocking/Ignoring the Foundation Team
The foundation team here at UN is different to other agencies due to the fact that it is not only larger but everyone has an equal say. The foundation team is made up of high ranking members who have been a part of UN for a prolonged period of time and are accustomed to the way it runs. Some members may at times put members of the Foundation Team on ignore or block them on discord. The Foundation Team just wants what is best for the agency and requires the ability to contact all agency members if they need to. If you are thought to have blocked or ignored a Foundation Team member you may face disciplinary action. If you feel you need to block them for a particular reason please speak to another member of the Foundation Team so it can be dealt with.

18. Screenshotting Countdowns/Evidence.
When counting down and referring an individual who’s idle at a work station, we recommend that your screenshot and post the countdown on #un-support found in our discord channel. We also recommend that you download lightshot as a browser tool or onto your devices if you’re unaware as to how to screenshot.  When taking screenshots, be sure to include “Date, Time and Rank” along with the countdown in the screenshot. You will upload these into our #UN-Support Channel and state in the description the individual’s name, the station they’re idle at along with the status of the situation for example: “.:Lena: idled at FTF 4, counted and slurpeed by F4rk”.
Please note that any screenshots submitted onto this channel without the appropriate requirements makes it difficult to be used as evidence later on. Please be sure to include the vital information needed to be used as evidence later.

19. Agency Hopping
Agency hopping refers to the act of leaving and joining many agencies.  If you choose to leave UN 3 times you will be deducted 5% of your RP.  Every other time you leave following this the deduction will increase or you may face other disciplinary measures (such as going down a division of even back to Agent.)  We want everyone to feel that UN is the best community to be in so if there is a reason making you leave then we would love to discuss and work it out with you rather than seeing you join somewhere else.

20. Leave of Absence
Only members who are MOD+ and part of Special & Community Units may take LOA with a minimum of 3 days up to 45 days. You will be able to take a maximum of 45 days straight on LOA within a period of 6 months. You are not expected to be online or collecting rewards unless it's in AFK Thrones but you may still participate in DOE events, giveaways or competitions. You may not fill the workstations and don't have to be active on Discord.

21. Inappropriate Names
Certain usernames are prohibited and will NOT be tolerated or accepted within United Nations. Any username exhibiting deliberate offensiveness, bigotry, or potential harm towards others will be denied access to join the agency in any capacity. Lesser offensive but slightly NSFW names may be deemed offensive but the recruiter can use their discretion for those type of names when deciding to hire.

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